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The Emotional Scale in EFT.

Here is an excellent case-study from Gail Ferguson-Maceda that shows how PTT can be used to solve problems that are very global in nature, and are resisting resolution by using EFT. 

It is interesting to note the spontaneous cognitive shifts happened during the tapping, as well as the way the colours changed in the sequence as resolution approached. 

The resolution picture is in brown and green.  Brown is associated with earthing and safety/security.  Because the issue is one that is likely to make a person feel insecure, it is no surprise that there is brown in the resolution picture.




I will quite often use PTT on my own problems when conventional EFT is not clearing the problem. I find that with only  tapping on the picture and not getting involved with my story, the issue gets cleared by my subconscious quickly and I try to stay out of my conscious mind as much as possible.

This subsequent issue kept me awake one night and I couldn't sleep. Lying there in bed, tired and not wanting to get up, I first tried tapping on the points in my mind. That didn't work. Then I tapped physically on my points and that didn't work and so I realized I would have to put the light on and get out my Sharpies and paper and get to drawing!

My issue was finances, they were tight and my husband and I were supposed to get a large check in the mail for work done. It had still not arrived and I was anxious about paying my bills on time. SUDS level of 10.

MY FIRST PICTURE was a stick figure in black facing toward the left of the page, head down and it was titled “So Down.”


It was a landscape page and the figure was walking towards the left. As I was drawing the picture I realized that I was feeling very down as so many disappointing things had happened to us recently and I was feeling helpless about it.

I tapped using this picture as the focus using the usual PTT Protocol. 

SECOND PICTURE: Another stick figure, facing to the left of the page, a little smaller. This time the figure has the world on it’s shoulders. Looking down again and arms hanging by the sides.


When I was drawing this I was thinking that I might have drawn the arms holding the world but then gave up because I am not a great artist and it might have not worked well. Anyway I was too tired to bother, so the arms hanging down was it. The title of the picture was “Weighed Down.”

Again, I tapped on this picture using the standard PTT Protocol.

THIRD PICTURE: As I was thinking of what to draw next either during the last tapping sequence or now there was a definite cognitive shift in me that comes out in this subsequent drawing. The cognitive shift being that I still had a beautiful family who would be there for me and each other no matter what, so consequently this next picture.


A family of seven stick figures in a dark pink bubble taking up three quarters of the page. Their arms are all interlocked. They are mostly taking up the left side of the page. On the right side of the page is some green grass on the bottom and along the right side is a tree with a brown trunk and green foliage. The title of the picture is “Love is There.”

During this tapping sequence I had another shift that my worries were unimportant compared to the grand scheme of things. I really did have much to be happy about and that I needed to remember what was important, dwell on those things and not the worries.

FOURTH PICTURE: A landscape picture of a pine forest of thirteen trees of different sizes with brown trunks and green needles. The title is: “Seeing the Forest from the Trees.”


When I was tapping on this picture I asked myself the question, “What green is that green? The answer that came up was that it was a strong solid green.

I then asked “What brown is that brown?” The answer there was that it was a grounded brown.

I quickly scanned the previous pictures to check on any residual charge and there was none.

At this point I am ready for sleep! I turned the lights off and brought the picture into my mind and body flooding it with the colors of the pine forest and the dark pink of love from the previous picture. I imagined it framed in GOLD and brought that in too. I fell right to sleep.

FOLLOW-UP:  I have tapped on this issue before and each time I see more and more that I need to dwell on the good in my life, then the money will flow more abundantly. The worries are simply an old and outdated negative belief of "not deserving" still hanging around creating this worry.

This session of PTT showed me ever more clearly that I am loved, deserving and will be taken care of. Otherwise why would I be so blessed with such a wonderful loving family? I just needed to see and accept that abundant love.

By the way there was another problem delaying the money after this PTT session and I am at peace about it. I have this trust and knowingness that the money will flow when it is the right time and that all will be well.

Since then I haven't had a problem sleeping.

I do Picture Tapping Technique for a lot of my own issues as it gives me resolution very quickly.
Thanks Philip and Christine!

Gail Ferguson-Maceda






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