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Picture Tapping Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is PTT?  PTT is a therapeutic intervention technique that might be thought of as a mixture between Art Therapy and Meridian Tapping Techniques.
  • How can I become qualified in PTT? Provided you fulfill the entry requirements, then you have to either take the two-day training course, or take the 4-part  'Zoom' webinar online course.  Note that the online courses are arranged every month according to demand.  So if you are interested in attending the online courses please contact us and register your interest.   For details of these courses please click here.
  • What training do I need before I can take a course? If you have taken the EFT level 2 course, then you need no further training in order to take the two-day PTT course.  If you are only trained to EFT Level 1 or have trained in some other way, please contact us as we will accept this depending on experience.
  • Where are the training courses held? Currently, all the PTT courses are held in the UK.  We are investigating the possibility of teaching the technique in other countries.  If you want us to host a training course in your country, please contact us and we will be more than happy to talk about this.
  • What is PTT suitable for?  PTT can be used on a very wide range of issues.  It is particularly useful on global issues such as non-specific anxiety and low-self esteem.  However, it can be used on just about anything provided you use your common sense about it.  You would not want to try this on someone who is lying bleeding at the side of the road, for example.
  • Is PTT Safe? Yes, PTT is perfectly safe and gentle. In fact it is a lot safer than many other techniques - however it can get to some major issues very quickly and the clients reactions can sometimes be surprising in their intensity.  This is why we are only teaching this to EFT Level 2 Practitioners and above - the practitioner has to be able to handle these reactions.
  • Can PTT be used with Children? Yes, children love using PTT.  It is less intrusive than traditional ‘talk therapy’ techniques because the children do not have to verbalise their issues.  They don’t even have to think about them.


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....I have found it fascinating and very effective, even over the phone! Thank you for that valuable extra tool.”
Emma Roberts - EFT Master

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