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The Emotional Scale in EFT.

Here is another excellent case-study.  This time from Ange Dickson Finn. 

This case study is interesting in that it shows how a the clients handwriting changes over the sequence of pictures - something that is quite frequently seen when using PTT. 

You may also notice the use of the clean-language questions “What red is that red” - and the way that the client saw the colour as being different from the red used in the previous picture... even though the same red pen was used.

You may also note that the resolution picture doesn't contain any of the typical colours used in a resolution picture.  But that is ok.  As long as the client is happy that the issue has resolved, then that is all that matters.



PTT for Sales Calling

by Ange Dickson Finn



After 20 years of working in non-profit administration, my client V. had made a change in her life.  She joined a home-based sales business as an entrepreneur.  The structure of the business consisted of selling jewelry through parties hosted in women’s homes or at businesses catering mostly to women.  This required phoning women she did not know well to set up appointments.  Like many sales people, V. found this part of her work daunting and often found herself to avoiding it or feeling that her discomfort was coming through in the calls.

We used PTT to address her reluctance to call.  One of the fun aspects of the session was that V. is a good sketch artist and her pictures ended up being not only therapeutic for her but also attractively sketched.

V’s first picture was a fiery explosive shape. 

Ange 05 2012 pic 1

The hot colors and the shape were very expressive  Printed firmly in all caps with black felt tip pen, her title was I DON’T WANT TO CALL. We tapped on this for two rounds.

Although the second picture included the same reddish colors, there was clearly some energy shifting.  The introduction of green and the looser shape of the red “flowers” showed that things had relaxed a bit.

Ange 05 2012 pic 2

When I asked V. in the second picture, “what red is that red”, she commented that maybe she had used a different red for this picture, because it didn’t seem as intense to her.  In fact, she had used all the same hot colors as in the first picture.  The title was in cursive, still using black felt tip: “I don’t want to call but it will move me forward.” The handwriting indicated less resistance as well, going from printed caps to casual cursive.  We tapped on this for two rounds as well.

V.’s third picture continued to show how her resistance to her issue was shifting.  Using the full width of the paper, and the introduction of a calming blue as a background, were big indicators.  She did not title this picture.

Ange 05 2012 pic 3 


The fourth picture was V.’s resolution picture. 

Ange 05 2012 pic 4

The three previous pictures had been landscape orientation (paper in a horizontal position); the fourth was portrait (paper in a vertical position).  The hot colors were completely gone and the page was filled with shade of blue, purple and green.  The title, written in blue crayon, cursive, without capital letters, was “feeling better”.

The effect was of flowers in a vase again, but these “flowers” were completely different from the second picture.  The rounded shapes and cool colors stood in contrast to her first, fiery picture.  In all, a sense of calm lushness showed in the picture.

I asked V. if this felt like a resolution and she confirmed that it did.  Although it lacked some of the hallmarks of resolution, such as a yellow sun, and was in cool colors rather than cheerful ones, it was in such marked contrast to the other pictures that it clearly showed a sense of tranquility toward the situation. 

V.’s own reaction to the picture was to notice the extreme difference in the progression of her handwriting from the first to the second to the last picture - going from block letters in all capitals to a colorful, relaxed cursive in the final picture.

We had her choose a color for the frame for the picture and she found no areas of resistance in flooding her own body with that color.


Follow up:

Several months after the PTT session, V. was enjoying record sales in her new venture, winning trips and signing up new stylists in her business vertical.  Her aversion to calling was no longer a problem.




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